Phuket, Thailand

11-18 April 2020

This is the ultimate week of party, relaxation and discovery in the unmistakable TropOut style. This is a secret event, so if you’re reading this, then you are one of the lucky ones! No advertising. No marketing. Just past guests and word of mouth…

In 2016 we started TropOut with an unforgettable week in Phuket. Six festivals later, we’ve been to Malta, Koh Samui and New Caledonia. So it seems fitting that after a short break we go back to where we started – PHUKET!

Coinciding with the Water Festival, Songkran, Phuket will be epic. It’s a chance to meet old friends and make new ones. All in the unique community vibe that is TropOut. We’re thinking private yacht, exclusive beaches and some serious downtime and party!

But we want to hear from you. So if you’re interested, please register and tell us what you want to see at your TropOut, Tropout Phuket 2020 – The water edition (we’re putting out the Fyre ;).


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